Convention Finances Workbook

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This is the Convention Finances workbook! With this, it is my aim to help you manage your costs and determine which events are worth your time and effort. Are you earning from your favourite shows, or are you sinking costs into a table in an effort to spend time in the community?

You’ll have many reasons for trading at a particular convention, and there are more factors involved in your decision than money, and many variables as to why you may or may not be making the sales you are at each convention. With a little bit of record keeping, you can at least begin to understand which are the right shows for you, and which events are worth your time behind the table.

About me

My name is Paul Carroll; I’m a writer and comic creator, co-founder of two creative groups in Ireland – Cupán Fae and Limit Break Comics – and the former organiser of a monthly market known as the Geek Mart. I also love spreadsheets.

What’s this workbook for?

I’ve seen a lot of people pump money into a convention, and be unsure by the time it’s over if they’ve made any money. I’ve always thought that a little bit of record keeping can help make things easier. From the start of my own adventure on the Irish comic con circuit, I’ve been able to tell whether a convention was worth my time and energy, taking into account whether I was meeting new readers, whether I was making any money, and whether I was actually enjoying the experience.

This workbook is just going to look at the money. It comes in two parts: calculating the cost of the convention, and providing an easy means of totalling earnings at the end of a show.

  • The Convention Finances spreadsheet, and the PDF guidebook to help you along the way.

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    334.2 KB
  • The Convention Finances spreadsheet, and the PDF guidebook to help you along the way.
  • Size334.2 KB


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Convention Finances Workbook

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